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Central Issues: Board of Denture Technology

Focusing on Key Issues of the Board of Denture Technology


  May 7, 2013

What are the key issues the Board of Denture Technology is addressing in collaboration with the Oregon Health Licensing Agency (OHLA)?
OHLA's series of online publications, Central Issues, highlights the key issues of OHLA-regulated professions to inform licensees, consumers and other agency stakeholders of licensing and regulatory developments while fostering increased dialogue and participation in the agency's consumer protection efforts. 

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Denturist trainees who have obtained an associate's degree and 1,000 hours of supervised training will no longer have to wait until after they pass the practical examination to provide services under proposed changes to Board of Denture Technology Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs).

Proposed rules create a Denture Technology Temporary License that authorizes the holder to temporarily practice denture technology under indirect supervision.  Temporary licenses are valid for one year and can be renewed one time.

"The practical examination is held only once a year, so the temporary license provides more flexibility to maintain competencyas a denturist while waiting to take the practical examination," says OHLA Policy Analyst Samie Patnode.

If they fail the practical examination, temporary licensees must obtain 350 additional hours of training prior to retaking the practical examination. 

Supervisors of temporary licensees, and of temporary trainee licensees (see below), must obtain signed informed consent from all patients before a denture technology temporary trainee licensee or temporary licensee performs services on the patient.

Temporary licensees must also adhere to all denture technology practice standards.

The proposed rules also specify application requirements for a temporary license, including passage of the denture technology written examination.

Trainees Can Do Laboratory Work Under Indirect Supervision
Trainees who are working towards obtaining the 1,000 hours of supervised training will be able to do laboratory work under indirect supervision under the proposed rules.

Under the proposed rules, "indirect supervision" means the supervisor is available by phone or by other means of electronic communication.  The supervisor must be able to reasonably oversee the work of the individual being supervised, and be availabe for questions and assistance when needed. 

Direct supervision is required when a trainee is providing direct patient care.

Informed Consent Required if Providing Teeth Whitening Trays
Also in the proposed rules, denturists must provide patients with written and verbal information related to teeth whitening trays and teeth whitening solutions, including the procedure, alternatives, risks and questions.

OHLA has drafted an informed consent document that was approved by the Board of Denture Technology but is still being reviewed by the Board of Dentistry.

"Denturists should remember that they may construct and fit teeth whitening trays, but they can't actually provide teeth whitening services," says Patnode.

Public Hearing Scheduled for May 13
Click here to access the proposed rules.  Stakeholders are invited to review the proposed rules and provide written comments by Monday, June 1, 2013.  A publc hearing is scheduled for May 13.


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Workgroup to Review Removable Non-Orthodontic Appliances

To ensure that all affected stakeholders are on the same page as to what constitutes a “removable non-orthodontic dental appliance” and how denturists may “construct, repair, reline, reproduce, duplicate, supply, fit or alter” removable non-orthodontic appliances other than dentures, OHLA and the Board of Denture Technology are convening a Non-Orthodontic Appliances Workgroup.
The workgroup consists of denturists, dentists, experts in durable medical equipment, and representatives from the polysomnography (sleep disorder treatment) industry.
The workgroup is scheduled to meet April 29 and July 22 at OHLA in Salem.  OHLA staff will provide a report on the progress of the workgroup and consider any next steps for implementation at the Board of Denture Technology’s September 9, 2013, regular meeting.
Legislation in 2011 Allowed Non-Orthodontic Appliances
House Bill 2145 passed during the 2011 legislation session, allowing denturists to provide services beyond constructing and fitting dentures, such as sleep apnea devices, teeth whitening trays and temporomandibular joint disorder devices.
Passage of the legislation was based on the existing qualifying education and training denturists already have for fitting dentures that would apply to the construction and fitting of other devices in the mouth.
However, based on stakeholder feedback and the identification of issues that needed to be addressed in more depth, OHLA and the board determined that the workgroup would be the best way to move forward.
"I look forward to working with the board and our stakeholders on making the Non-Orthodontic Appliances Workgroup a success," says OHLA Interim Director Holly Mercer.  "I define success as an inclusive process that addresses all key issues with the overriding goal of ensuring consumers receive safe and competent services from denturists and all other OHLA-regulated professions."
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By the Numbers: Board of Denture Technology

​Licensing (For biennium starting 7/1/2011)
Total active licensees (as of April 19, 2013) ​110
​New licenses issued ​7
Licenses renewed ​58
​Licenses renewed online ​34.48 percent

​Practical examination - Passed

​Practical examination - Failed ​2
Written examination - Passed ​7
​Written examination - Failed ​5
Fiscal Overview
​Beginning Cash Balance (7/1/2011) ​$29,861.54
​Ending Cash Balance (Projected 6/30/2013) ​$48,698.35
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