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Health Licensing Office

The State of Oregon's Health Licensing Office (HLO), part of the Oregon Health Authority's Public Health Division, is a central licensing and regulatory office that oversees multiple health and related professions. HLO protects the health, safety and rights of Oregon consumers by ensuring only qualified applicants are authorized to practice. HLO reviews and approves applicant qualifications, conducts examinations, inspects thousands of licensed facilities and independent contractors, responds to and investigates consumer complaints, and disciplines licensees who are found in violation of state requirements.

To that end, HLO works with 16 boards, councils and programs in the State of Oregon.

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Meeting Time Change for Certified Advanced Estheticians Board Meeting on April 4th

​The Board of Certified Advanced Estheticians board meeting scheduled for Wednesday, April 4th, has had a start time change to 11 a.m. (was 10 a.m.)  Please see the agenda for more information.

Practice Clarification on Cosmetic Injectables (e.g. Botox)

Updated: March 14, 2018

The Health Licensing Office (HLO) has received numerous questions and inquiries regarding the use of cosmetic injectables with trade names such as Botox, Restylane and Juvederm by basic and advanced estheticians.

Question: Is it within the scope of practice for basic or advanced estheticians to provide cosmetic injection services to clients (e.g. Botox)?

Certified Advanced Estheticians Rules Advisory Committee-Opportunity for Public Comment

The Board of Certified Advanced Estheticians Rules Advisory Committee is meeting on Monday, March 26, 2018, at 9 a.m. There will be an opportunity for public comment to obtain feedback regarding the Oregon Administrative Rules for Certified Advanced Estheticians. Please see the agenda for more information.

Art Therapy Licensing Delayed

The 2017 House Bill 2432 created the Art Therapy Program within the Health Licensing Office. It created two new licenses, Art Therapist and Certified Art Therapist. The program and its licenses have been delayed, however, due to statutory language issues that emerged during the rulemaking process.

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