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Food Benefits

​​​​​​About SNAP

​SNAP provides food benefits to eligible, low-income individuals and families.


  • Seniors and people living with disabilities can also contact the Oregon ADRC. Call 1-855-ORE-ADRC (1-855-673-2372) or visit the ADRC website.
  • College students age 18 to 49 who attend school at least half-time may be eligible for SNAP by meeting income guidelines and additional criteria.

    Student eligibility information

How to​ apply

There are several ways to apply for food benefits.

Contact a local office

Fill out a paper application form

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When you are done:

If you have a problem opening the application form, please con​tact us​.

Need help to apply? Contact 211info by phone, text or email.

What you can buy

Learn about the foods you can buy with SNAP benefits.


Families and single adults without a disability, contact a local Self-Sufficiency office.

Seniors and people living with disabilities, contact a local A​ging and People with Disabilities office.