​Remember before you take your exam 

Exams are closed book. You may bring a basic calculator to the exam. 
A photograph of you will be taken by the testing center. Please contact ODA if you want to request a religious or other accommodation. 

You must: 
  • Bring a government issued ID
  • Know the last four digits of your Social Security number

Pesticide exam fees and scheduling

  • Examinations cost $58.00 per exam. 
  • If you do not pass an exam and need to retake that exam, the fee remains at $58.00 for each exam.
  • Exams must be paid for at the time of registering for the exam(s) with Metro Institute. 
  • Additional exam processing fees of $5.00 per exam will be added to your Oregon Department of Agriculture license application fee for each exam that was not successfully completed (passed) on the first attempt. This will affect the following license types: Commercial Pesticide Applicator, Public Pesticide Applicator, Pesticide Consultant, and Pesticide Apprentice. 
  • To schedule testing at one of the listed testing centers, you must have your legal name and correct Social Security number available. Then call 877-533-2900 or go to Metro Institute​'s website​.​​
  • Warning: You may not receive credit for an exam if the legal name or Social Security number provided at scheduling does not match what you provide at the testing center. 

Exams in Spanish

  • Currently, the Private Applicator and Laws & Safety exams are available in Spanish. 
  • When scheduling a Spanish exam through Metro Institute's website, please make sure to select "Private Applicator: Spanish" or "Laws and Safety — Spanish".  ​

Pesticide testing centers in Oregon