​​​​​​​​​​​​​Testing center limitations during the COVID-19 pandemic

ODA prides itself on developing a system which enables potential test-takers to take online exams and receive immediate exam scores at over 20 proctored locations throughout the state. Since 2016, this has resulted in a lot of flexibility for Oregon test-takers and for more rapid license issuance. ODA has contracted with Metro Institute and the testing centers to provide excellent customer service.

However, to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19, many of our testing centers (community colleges and universities) have temporarily suspended classes and other services. As a result, some proctored testing centers are not open, and therefore online exams are not offered at those locations.

Current options include:

  1. Travel to any of the remaining Oregon testing centers that are still open.
  2. Wait until the Oregon testing center closest to you re-opens. 
  3. Depending on the exam and license, you may consider examining in a state where there is partial reciprocity with Oregon and where paper exams may possibly still be offered (see at bottom on page). 

Status of Oregon testing centers

To minimize any business disruptions during this serious pandemic, ODA and Metro Institute will stay in frequent contact with the testing centers and will update our websites when new information is provided.​​ However, because of public health-related concerns, some testing centers may close with little advanced notice. Please confirm that a testing center will be open, prior to making plans. Updated June 10​​​​. 

Where do I take my pesticide exam(s)? 

The following testing centers in Oregon are open (remember to reconfirm):

  • Bend: Central Oregon Community College (on Mondays and Wednesdays)
  • Bend: Sylvan Learning Center ​
  • Brookings: Southwestern Oregon Community College
  • Burns: T​reasure Valley Community College
  • Coos Bay: Southwestern Oregon Community College

  • Eugene: University of Oregon 
  • ​
Gresham: Mount Hood Community College
  • Hermiston: Blue Mountain Community College
  • Klamath Falls: Klamath Community College
  • La Grande: Eastern Oregon University 
  • Madras: Central Oregon Community College (Opens April 13, 2022; every other Wednesday)
  • McMinnville: Chemeketa Community College
  • Milwaukie: Sylvan Learning Center
  • ​Ontario: Treasure Valley Community College​ (on Tuesdays)
  • Pendleton: Blue Mountain Community College (on Tuesdays and Thursdays)​
  • ​Portland: Sylvan Learning Center (Fremont)
  • ​Roseburg: Umpqua Community College​
  • Salem: Chemeketa Community College (on Fridays​)​
  • Salem: Sylvan Learning Center​​
  • The Dalles: Columbia Gorge Community College (on Tuesdays)​
  • White City: Rogue Community College (on Mondays)​

​Call 877-533-2900 or go to Metro Institute​'s website to schedule an exam. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Sign up to receive email or text message updates​ from ODA as the status of testing centers change. 

What should I know before taking an exam?  

  • Exams are closed book. You may bring a basic calculator to use. 
  • A photograph of you will be taken by the testing center. Please contact ODA if you want to request a religious or other accommodation.
  • If you need to request a reasonable accommodation on a pesticide exam for a disability, fill out and return our reque​st form​. It is recommended that you submit this form at least 2 weeks prior to your preferred testing date to avoid scheduling availability issues and allow for coordination of your request.​
  • Bring a government issued ID
  • Know the last four digits of your Social Security number
  • How do I schedule an exam, and how much does it cost?
    • To schedule testing, you must have your legal name and correct Social Security number available. Then call 877-533-2900 or go to Metro Institute​'s website​.​​
      • Warning: You may not receive credit for an exam if the legal name or Social Security number provided at scheduling does not match what you provide at the testing center.
    • ​Examinations cost $58 per exam. Exams must be paid for at the time of registering for the exam(s) with Metro Institute. ​

Which exams are available in Spanish?

  • The Private Applicator and Laws & Safety exams are available in Spanish.  
    • When scheduling a Spanish exam through Metro Institute's website, please make sure to select "Private Applicator: Spanish" or "Laws and Safety — Spanish".  ​

Which testing centers in Oregon are closed?

Albany: Linn-Benton Community College — Closed indefinitely 
  • Astoria: Clatsop Community College — Closed indefinitely
  • Klamath Falls: Oregon Institute of Technology — Closed indefinitely
  • Oregon City: Clackamas Community College — Closed indefinitely
  • Portland/Rock Creek: Portland Community College — Closed indefinitely
  • Wilsonville: Clackamas Community College — Closed (opening anticipated in May 2022)


    Depending on the exam and license, you may consider examining in a state where there is partial reciprocity with Oregon and where paper exams may possibly still be offered. Oregon has partial reciprocity with Washington and Idaho​. Note: Because of public health related concerns, some states may temporarily cease offering paper exams with little notice. Check frequently with that state prior to making plans.

    How to schedule exams in Idaho

    ​How to schedule exams in Washington

    • Call the Washington State Department of Agriculture's toll-free line at (877) 301-4555 to schedule exams
.      ​

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