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​​​Information for Oregon Aerial Pesticide Applicator's
License holders

To apply pesticides by aircraft, there are requirements beyond other license types. These  additional requirements​​ regarding for obtaining and maintaining an Aerial Pesticide Applicator's License are as follows:  

Aerial applicator license requirements

  • You must meet the following requirements to qualify for an aerial license:
    • Hold a current and active Oregon commercial, public, or private applicator license. 
    • Hold a valid FAA commercial airman's certificate for the type of aerial equipment that is being used. 
    • Provide your current FAA medical certificate. 
    • Provide documented proof of at least 50 hours of pesticide application flight time​​. ​
  • Commercial applicators must be employed by a company with a commercial operator's license. 
  • Applications may only be made under the categories listed on your commercial or public license. 
  • Test required — An aerial exam is required for pesticide applications. 
Aerial pesticide applicator application​ form


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