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​​​​​Online license renewal (closed March 16)

Before you attempt to renew your license, check first to see whether you have an adequate number of credits to renew your license. ​

Have your payment infor​​mation ready. 

Credits needed

The following credits are needed for each license type in order to renew the license at the end of the recertification period. Check your credit hours online.​ 

Private A​pplicator

  • 16 credit hours at the end of the 5-year certification period
    • 4 of the 16 credits hours must be from core curriculum
    • Maximum accumulation per year is 8 hours


  • 40 credit hours by the end of the 5-year certification period
    • Maximum accumulation per year is 15 hours


  • 8 credit hours needed each licensing period (a licensing period is from the date of license issue to December 31 of the year the license is issued). 
    • 4 of the 8 credit hours must be from core curriculum 

    • Credit hours will only be applied to active licenses ​

Didn't earn enough credits? ​

  • If you do not earn the required pesticide credits, you must retake and pass the required exams. Please see our study material and exam scheduling pages.
  • For individuals seeking a Commercial or Public Pesticide Applicator license, Pesticide Consultant license, or a Private Applicator license, the certification period begins the day after the individual has successfully passed the minimum number of required exams.However, from November 17 through December 31 ​each year (the last 45 days of this year), if you pass the minimum number of exams to qualify for a license and submit a license application, the default procedure will be that you will be issued a license in early January of the next year. This will allow you to be issued a full five-year certification period starting January 1 of next year. If you submit a late-season application and you need your license before the end of the current calendar year, please indicate this on the application form, otherwise your application may be held and processed for the following year.


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