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Pesticides and PARC

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​​Investigation updates

Soil/Compost and Clopyralid Issues: Pesticide Use Investigations Nos. 200405, 200408, 200481

On May 15, 2020, ODA initiated Non-agricultural Use Followup Investigation No. 200408, and on May 18, 2020, ODA initiated Non-agricultural Use Followup Investigation No. 200405 after reports of suspected pesticide contaminated soil/compost was delivered to homes. Best Buy in Town, Investigation No. 200481, was initiated June 19, 2020. ​Additional Non-agricultural Use Followup Investigations on other soil/compost distributors were initiated in June after reports with similar concerns came in to ODA. Below is an update as part of the ongoing communication throughout the investigative process. To file a formal complaint or complete a Report of Loss form, visit the Pesticide Complaints ​​webpage. To receive updates, send a request to be added​ to the email list.​


Herbicide Residues in Compost Fact Sheet

Herbicide residues in compost information

Pesticide advisories ​​




Recent n​ewsletters ​ 

ODA Pesticide Newsletter — Fall Issue (2023)

Among the stories in this issue: New law enhances equity, provides licensing pathway for Indian tribes; four join Pesticides Program; tips to avoid headaches with continuing-education courses. Pesticide fall newsletter

ODA Pesticide Newsletter — Spring Issue (2023)

Among the stories in this issue: Protect bees by following the rule when it comes to linden trees; do your research before applying zinc phosphide; Pesticides Program adds case reviewers, two investigators; ODA anticipates rule making for ‘noncommercial’ license; how to solve the problem of leftover pesticides; longtime Pesticide Registration Specialist David Priebe retires; follow the label and take steps to avoid problems with drift; ODA launches soil health webpage; and tips for searching ODA’s pesticide product database. Pesticide spring newsletter

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