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Pesticides and PARC

​​​The Pesticide and Fertilizer Programs regulate the sale and use of pesticides and fertilizers in Oregon with the following goals:

  • Protect people and the environment from any adverse effects of pesticide use while maintaining the availability of pesticides for beneficial uses
  • Assure that effective fertilizer, agricultural mineral, agricultural amendment, and lime products are provided for agricultural and consumer uses​​


EPA issued a final rule revoking all tolerances for the insecticide chlorpyrifos on​ Feb. 28, 2022. Lorsban or Dursban are some of the most common trade names for products containing chlorpyrifos.

EPA’s federal actions supersede ODA’s rule regarding use on food or feed crops. At this point, use on nonfood or nonfeed crops have not been impacted by federal actions. However, this is subject to change.

Bottomline: Do not use chlorpyrifos on any food or feed crops.

Important: There may possibly be additional action on the federal level regarding product cancellations, sales and distribution. The details are unknown at this time, but ODA’s and EPA’s webpages will be updated periodically.​​

For more information on federal actions:

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Where can I find advisories sent by ODA? 

Pesticide and fertilizer advisories can be found on the current issues webpage. ​​​

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To report a pesticide incident that has impacted people, animals, bees, or the environment, call 503-986-6470. ​​Your phone call will be routed 24 hours a day to 211 info specialists, who will take your information. PARC staffers will contact you within one business day.​​