​​Reciprocity allows a person to obtain an Oregon pesticide applicator license based upon their pesticide license from another state.

Which licenses qualify for reciprocity in Oregon? 

Currently, only the following Idaho and Washington licenses and categories are considered for reciprocity. However, aerial applicators that are licensed in any US state or territory will be considered on a case-by-case basis. To qualify, you must have examined in the state in which you are licensed, and your license must be current. ODA compares exam equivalency.


  • Private Applicator License (RU category only). 
  • Professional Applicator License (only certain license categories​ qualify).
    Note: depending on your license categories and employer, you may need to apply for an Oregon Commercial, Public, or Consultant license.


  • Private Applicator License (excluding ‘Limited’ or ‘Rancher’ versions)
  • Soil Fumigation RMM (category only). 

How do I apply for or maintain an Oregon reciprocal license? 

Please see our reciprocal licensing guide​ for additional information.​​

How do I use my Oregon license to get a reciprocal license in another state? 

Please contact the agency that regulates pesticides in the state in which you wish to be licensed. Each state may have their own requirements. If they require a “letter of good standing” or other license history information, ODA is happy to provide this information. To make a request, please email your name and Oregon license number(s) to or call 503-986-4635.​


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