​​​When licensing is not needed

  • When applying pesticides, other than Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs), to property owned by you or your employer
  • Applications of general use pesticides by public employees with non-powered equipment, except on school properties
  • Advising others on general use pesticides
  • Applying pesticides as a part of landscape maintenance under specific conditions

When licensing is needed

  • Buying, applying, or supervising the use of RUPs
  • Advising others on the use of RUPs
  • Applying pesticides to someone else’s property (private or public land)
  • Applying pesticides as a public employee using machine-powered equipment and/or applying RUPs
  • Applying pesticides on school properties​​​​​​​​


Aerial Pesticide Applicator Licensing Guide

Aerial licensing handout

Oregon Pesticide Reciprocal Licensing Guide

Reciprocal licensing information

Pesticide Licensing Guide for Oregon

Explains pesticide licensing, certification, license types and categories, record keeping, exams, training, and related information. Oregon Pesticide Licensing Guide



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