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Regulatory Issues

​​​​​​​Does WPS apply to me? 

Train-the-Trainer information

The newly revised Worker Protection Standard (WPS) went into effect on January 2, 2017, which requires annual training of agricultural workers and pesticide handlers by qualified WPS trainers. The WPS only applies to agricultural establishments that produce or maintain agricultural plants, AND use pesticide products with "Agricultural Use Requirements" on the label. Completing an EPA-approved Train-th​e-Trainer course is one way to become qualified to provide annual training to workers, and the only way to become qualified to train pesticide handlers without a pesticide applicator license. Completing this course would also qualify the attendee to then conduct Train-the-Trainer courses in the future.​


As an agricultural employer, what type of WPS training should I provide?

Descriptions of agricultural activities and the types of training associated with them. WPS training information

Ley del trabajador Agricola vídeo (Agricultural Worker Protection Standard video)

Ley del trabajador Agricola vídeo

Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative (PERC)

WPS related documents, including a link to Oregon’s WPS video for Forestry Workers, are located on the PERC website. PERC is the Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative, a new cooperative agreement between the EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs and University of California Davis Extension, in collaboration with Oregon State University. WPS information

Requirement checklists for employers of workers and handlers

WPS requirement checklists for employers

Seguridad de los pesticidas vídeo (pesticide safety video)

Seguridad de los pesticidas vídeo

Worker Protection Standard Definitions

WPS definitions

WPS: What to do when an application exclusion zone is not on the agricultural establishment’s property

Scenario, question and response Application exclusion zone information




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