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Inspector Certification Program

The Inspector Certification Program is part of the Oregon Department of Transportation's effort to ensure quality control and quality assurance for the construction of transportation facilities.

An image of the phrase ODOT Materials & Inspection and the letters Q and AThis program provides training and resources for construction inspectors, and ensures consistent administration of highway construction projects. Inspection and monitoring of construction activities by certified instructors safeguards compliance with contract documents and workmanship on ODOT construction projects.

The Inspection Certification Program document outlines the certification program elements and intent.

Full time inspectors are required to pass the General Inspector Certification exam and required discipline certifications, as needed. Some aspects of the program are tailored for convenience, such as not requiring a certified inspector to hold a Bridge Inspection Certification until he or she is expected to inspect bridge construction.

Training is available for each of the certifications; however, an Inspector may choose to challenge the exam. Training courses are scheduled between November 1 and April 30. Class schedules and registration information are provided below.

​The Inspection Quality Assurance Program is dedicated to providing construction inspector training to:

  • Ensure consistent construction inspection administration through education on contract document resources;
  • Define the role and responsibilities of the Inspector concerning construction workmanship, materials and testing;
  • Demonstrate effective documentation to reduce construction claims and contract disagreements; and
  • Promote industry best practices to ensure quality methods and materials are used on ODOT projects.


To apply for the certification, you may either register for the one of the training courses, where an exam will be administered, or submit an application to challenge the exam. The challenge applications are processed through the Construction Section. There are no fees for taking the challenge exam. Appropriate fees will be charged for hard copies of the training manuals. Copies of the training manuals are available electronically on our Publications page.

Inspector Certifications will be valid for a 3-5 year period, depending on the certification, after which you must take and pass the exam to maintain the Certification for an additional 3-5 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Certification Database

Register for a Class 2017-2018

To assist with registering for specific Inspector Certification classes, visit the Construction Section Sponsored Training webpage. Follow the instructions under Registration & Class Schedule Information.

For information regarding Inspector Certification classes, or any certification questions, please see the contact section below.

Challenge Exams

To register to challenge an exam, complete the Challenge Exam Registration Form. The form includes the challenge exam schedule. You may choose to challenge any inspector exam (except for the Traffic Control Supervisor). You may challenge an exam in lieu of taking a class. However, if you fail a challenge exam, you must take the training course before taking another exam.

In addition, you may take a challenge exam if you have already failed the training course your first exam from the training course. Then, you will be allowed to take a second exam by challenging the exam.

If someone fails an exam twice, there are options to take the exam a third time. For detailed information regarding the testing process refer to the Inspection and Certification Program document.

To challenge an exam, you are responsible to supply all the required materials. The Resource Manual, Plans and Special Provisions for the General exam are provided for you at the testing location. The required materials are listed on each certification's information page. Links to those pages are provided below.

Inspector Certification Program Overview

We have an online training course to provide helpful information about how to navigate through the program. This link takes you to the iLearn website.
If you are already registered with iLearn, enter your Login ID and Password. If you are not registered, registration information is available at the iLearn homepage. Once inside iLearn, you will want to search from the Learning Center pull down menu. Choose Course Catalog. Search on ODOT for Inspector Certification Program Overview.

iLearn Link

​National Highway Institute (Web-based NHI Training available for Inspectors...a $25 fee applies)

If you are new to construction, it may benefit you to go through the first module of the Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council Plan Reading Series prior to the Certified General Inspector Training. This can help familiarize yourself with the basics of plan reading. Also, if it has been a while since your last math class, the Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council Math Module is useful as background for all of the certification classes. As an alternative, a [Basic Highway Math] document is available.

Other courses from the Oregon Department of Transportation and the Oregon Department of Administrative Services may found on iLearn.


Contact the Construction Section

800 Airport Road SE
Salem, Oregon 97302
Phone: 503-986-4336
Fax: 503-986-3096

Program Contacts

For challenge exams, course registration, purchase materials:
Phone: 503-986-5460

For forms, purchase materials, website content, challenge exams:
Phone: 503-986-3009

For class schedule, course registration, certification database, results notification:
Phone: 503-986-3007

For exam reviews, general course questions, class schedule, course instruction, inspection quality assurance: 
Phone: 503-986-6630

Course Information & Registration Links

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