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Local Agency Guidelines Manual

The Local Agency Guidelines, or LAG, Manual is updated as needed and the date of the most current chapter is in the footer of the document. Please refer to this website for the most current chapter.

  • Section A - Contains an introduction of certification and provides basic related information for local agencies   
  • Section B - Outlines project delivery information for non-certified local agencies, generally reflecting Oregon Department of Transportation's current practices
  • Section C - Depicts basic project delivery requirements for conditionally certified, or certified local agencies

Sections B and C are arranged chronologically, according to the six phases of project delivery. Note, Phases II, III and IV are connected together as illustrated in the Table of Contents, because the activities within each of those three phases may overlap and extend into later phases. Refer to individual chapters for more details.

Table of Contents

Section A Overview

Section B Non-Certified Local Agencies

Section C Certified Local Agencies

Section D


 Tiffany Hamilton
Local Program Certification Manager

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