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Certified Local Agency Resources for Consultant Selection

This page includes templates, forms and guidance documents for certified local agencies conducting federally-funded consultant selection under the Oregon Department of Transportation's local agency certification program.

The process, application, forms and guidance for local agencies to become certified in architectural and engineering consultant selection (or construction contracting) are available on the Local Government, Certification Guidance and Forms page.

NOTE: If any forms or documents linked on this page will not open, right-click on the link and select "Save link as" to download the file.

​Procurement Templates:

Contract  for A&E Services and Non-A&E Planning Services (Required)

Contract Amendment  (Required)

RFP for A&E and Related Services​ (Required for formal/informal)

RFP for Non-A&E Planning Services (Required for formal/informal)

Procurement Related Forms:

Consultant List Exception Request  (Required if selecting consultant not on one of ODOT’s approved lists)

Consultant Performanc​e Evaluation​ (sample form)

Conflict of Interest Disclosure for proposal evaluators (Required)

Contract Closeout Form (Required unless LPA has an equivalent form with required certifications included.)

DBE Goal Calculation Worksheet (Required if requesting a non-standard goal as described in the LPA A&E Requirements Guide.)

Notice of Award #734-2849 (Form submitted to Office of Civil Rights)

Breakdown of Costs (sample form)

CUG BOC Review Checklist​ (sample form)

Profit-Fee Worksheet (sample form)

Pre-Negotiation Plan (sample form)

Record of Negotiations (sample form)

Small Purchase Selection Form (Required) [Formerly "​Direct Appointment Selection Form]​

​Breakdown of Costs (Sample Forms):

Report any issues or suggestions to Kim Rice

Deleted Templates

  •  .xlsb version of BOC for MS Office 2013 or earlier version  - This template is archived and no longer available as of 10/07/21.    
  • Breakdown of Costs for cost-plus-fixed-fee - This template is archived and no longer available as of 10/07/21. The BOC.xlsx is now used for all methods of compensation.  

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

Certification of Final Indirect Costs (Required for firms that calculate overhead)

Small Purchase Consultant Certifications Form (Required for Small Purchases) [Formerly "Direct Appointment Certifications Form"]​

Federal Responsibility Form (Required for all contracts over $150,000)


Forms required by Offfice of Civil Rights:


 Firms with ODOT full-service engineering price agreements ​ (Updated 01/11/23 to link to current list of Tier A and Tier B primes. The new list does not include matrix of approved subs).

Firms qualified to provide Endangered Species Act documentation

Qualified right of way appraisers
(​For other right of way services, contact the ODOT Region Right of Way Manager.)

Certified construction inspectors

Qualified Cultural Resources Consultants  (Info about ODOT's Consultant Qualification Program is available on the Geo-Environmental Section website.)


For questions regarding Local Agency forms or templates, please email:

For questions related to problems with this webpage or broken links, please send email to Guy Britnell, ODOT Procurement Web Editor.