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Local Agency Guidelines

Local Agency Guidelines for Certified Local Public Agencies

The Local Agency Guidelines for Certified Local Public Agencies, or LAG for Certified LPAs, is updated as needed. Updates will be summarized in a change log and posted for user reference. Please refer to this website for the most updated version.

Section A: Overview of Federal-Aid Project Delivery Options for Local Public Agencies, Including Certification 

Section B: Local Public Agency Certification, Compliance and Oversight

Section C: Delivering Federal-Aid Projects as a Certified Local Public Agency

Section D: Resources Directory

 Note: Section C is arranged chronologically, according to the six phases of project delivery. Activities within one phase may overlap and extend into later phases. Refer to individual chapters for more details.

Full LAG Document

Effective December 7, 2018, the Local Agency Guidelines for Certified Local Public Agencies supersedes and replaces the Local Agency Guidelines Manual. An archived version of the old LAG manual will be accessible on this page for approximately two years, but will no longer be updated with new references or hyperlinks.

Archived LAG Manual


 Tiffany Hamilton
Local Program Certification Manager

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