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Training Opportunities

Local Agency Training Information

The Oregon Department of Transportation provides training to local agencies and links to relevant external training resources and opportunities.

The following courses provide detailed instruction to project delivery staff about state and federal requirements for personal services contracting, particularly for Architectural and Engineering, or A&E, Land Surveying and Related Services contracts. Although some information is specific to ODOT business practices, most information is also applicable to local agencies who procure A&E and related services for projects that include federal funding, or their procurements that must comply with ORS 279C requirements.

PROC 301: Statement of Work for Personal Services Contracts

Covers basics on developing a Statement of Work for personal services contracts. Includes general information about Statement of Work, legal requirements, assessing and mitigating risk, and writing conventions for clear and concise contracts.​

PROC 302: Contract Administration of Personal Services Contracts

Provides information and resources on achieving successful contract administration outcomes while complying with procurement regulations.

PROC 304: Preparing to Negotiate A&E and Related Services Contracts

Covers requirements for negotiating A&E and Related Services Contracts, ODOT's recommended process, tools and resources. Does not cover techniques for negotiations.

PROC 305: Invoice Review for A&E and Related Services Contracts

Covers requirements and best practices for reviewing and processing invoices for ODOT A&E and related Services contracts for compliance with the contract and meet standard auditing practices for review, backup and reasonableness.

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