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Statewide Policy Plans

Oregon Transportation Plan

The Oregon Transportation Plan, or OTP, is the long-range transportation system plan for the state. It establishes a vision and policy foundation to guide transportation system development and investment. The OTP and its mode and topic plans below guide decisions by the Oregon Department of Transportation and other transportation agencies statewide, and is reflected in the policies and decisions explained in local and regional plans. See the diagram at right for how OTP guidance flows all the way down through investment implementation.

Oregon Transportation Plan - Executive Summary
Oregon Transportation Plan - Volume I
Oregon Transportation Plan - Volume II - Technical Appendices, Errata Sheet

Modal and Topic Plans

Mode and topic plans are statewide plans that are part of the OTP. These plans refine and apply OTP policy to specific modes or topics and guide state, regional, and local investment decisions for the parts of the transportation system that they address.

The OTP and all its parts are in service of a high quality of life for Oregon and a successful economy, so plan contents are often related but have a different focus for each mode or topic. Using OR-Plan you can search through all the statewide transportation plans together to see specific policies in a plan or related policies and strategies throughout the plans: OR-Plan: Exploring Oregon's Transportation Policies.

Other Plans

These are statewide transportation documents that relate to the OTP and its mode and topic plans; they also guide decisions by state, regional, and local agencies. Unlike the plans above, these are not adopted by the Oregon Transportation Commission. They may be a part of the Commission’s and ODOT’s work but not adopted as part of the OTP, or they may be adopted by other commissions or boards.


 Michael Rock
Transportation Planning Unit Manager

The Oregon Transportation Plan informs topic and mode plans, which in turn informs local/regional plans, which guide priority program projects and funding identification leading to implementation.

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