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Driver Education Provider Resources

​Application to Become a New ODOT-Approved Driver Education Provider

Provider Requirements
Application to Become an ODOT-Approved Provider

If you are interested in starting a new driver education school, the Western Oregon University website has some information to get you started.

​I. Provider Process Cheat Sheet

II. Certificate’s for Teens Who Complete a Course

When you ask for certificates, there is a format we need from now on. Remember, we are delegating to administrative staff who are not dedicated. Please do not expect anything but short term assistance. When you ask for certificates after you enter the new batch of students in SDES:

  1. Send an email to ODOTDEMail. We can both see this email account and you are more likely to get a timely response.
  2. In the email, specify “Certificate Request” in the subject line.
  3. In the body of the email, keep it simple. We only want one or two items in the request.
         a. Name of the course, and
         b. How many students are listed in that course.

Note: If you expect us to find 39 students and we find 37 listed for the course, there could be qualification issues with 2 of your students.

III. Re‐prints or Re‐Issues of Certificates
When you ask for re‐prints or re‐issues, you can follow the same format for the email request as for the original orders. The only difference is we may no longer be able to see your courses if you have already been reimbursed. (The system moves the course into archives after reimbursement has been made). We need at least two of the following (in order of importance) for each student you are requesting.
  1. Actual “IDCenter” certificate number which is the red control number on the certificate
  2. The student's permit number
  3. Course completion date
  4. The student’s full name
*We no longer issue paper certificates, so if you get a request for a replacement, you can issue a letter or certificate from your school instead. DMV will not accept any completion certificates (paper or plastic) after 2 years.

Non-ODOT Approved Playbook Order Form

This curriculum was created primarily in Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. Use of the software listed below will provide the best possible performance.

It is packed with engaging digital content. To best interact with and display content, specific hardware and software are required.
Office 2010 presentations will NOT function properly when using an earlier version of Office. Office 2010 will run in the 32-bit version of Windows XP, but the functions of this curriculum have NOT been tested using Windows XP.
Basic hardware includes:
An internal or external DVD drive, digital projector, external speakers and a computer capable of running software as outlined below.

Note: Some, if not all, of the content may be useable with earlier versions of the operating systems and applications. However, those listed here are the minimum standard that this curriculum was designed and tested to work with. Some, if not all, of the content may be useable with earlier versions of the operating systems and applications. However, those listed here are the minimum standard that this curriculum was designed and tested to work with.

1. PC Users

a. Microsoft Office 2010 (primarily PowerPoint 2010 performs best on Windows 7 or higher).

b. Windows Media Player

c. Adobe Reader
    i. Windows 7 users, Adobe Reader 10
    ii. Windows 8 users, Adobe Reader 11

2. Mac Users

a. Microsoft Office 2011 (primarily PowerPoint 2011 requires Mac OS 10.5.8 or higher).

b. Flip4Mac

c. VLC Media Player

d. Adobe Reader 11 or higher 

For Best Performance

1. If you have sufficient free space (8 GB) available on your computer's disk drive, copy the contents of the CD-ROM in its entirety to a folder on that drive.

2. Launch the Playbook from the folder you created above.

For PowerPoint Presentation

When you open a PowerPoint presentation, the default mode of the "show" mode. If a PowerPoint file opens in the traditional "template mode, this means there are instructor notes under the slides that can only be accessed in template mode.

If your computer is equipped with the correct hardware, these files can be opened in template mode and show the slide on the screen and at the same time show the notes on the PC or laptop. 


Note to users regarding SDES

The first time you access the SSL VPN (SDES Database) from a computer, your computer will automatically download the Endpoint Component Manager. The installation window for the Endpoint Component will be displayed in your browser, which contains instructions on how to proceed. A Security Warning pop-up message may also appear. If the pop-up message appears:

1. Click to install Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway
2. Select Student Data Entry System when prompted.

This program runs best when used with Internet Explorer.

You must enable Java Script on your computer for SDES to run correctly.

SDES Login
   SDES Login


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