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Certified Payroll Reports for Labor Contractors

All labor contractors are required to submit to the Bureau of Labor and Industries a certified true copy of all payroll records for work done as a labor contractor when the contractor pays employees directly.

Labor contractors may submit certified true copies of payroll records in person, by regular mail or via email.

You can use the Certified Payroll Report for Labor Contractors (WH-141) form or email in the certified payroll reports. You can also use your own form, as long as it contains all of the required elements.

Reporting requirements

  • Certified payroll reports are due no later than 35 days after starting work on each contract and at each successive 35 day interval thereafter. This must include whatever payrolls the contractor has paid out at the time of the report.
  • If the contract lasts more than 70 days, succeeding wage certification reports are due at 35 day intervals (e.g., 35, 70, 105, and 140 days)  from the time work begins on the contract, and they must include whatever payrolls the contractor has paid out during the period of each report.
  • The wages paid to the officers of the corporation may be omitted from the Form WH-141 and any other records submitted under this rule.
Note: Contractors who have recruited, solicited or supplied workers from the state of Oregon who are employed on construction contracts located outside the State of Oregon must also comply with the provisions of this rule.
If submitting by mail, the certified true copy of payroll records must be submitted to:
Bureau of Labor and Industries
Wage and Hour Division, Labor Contracting Unit
3865 Wolverine Street, NE, Bldg. E-1
Salem, OR 97305
If submitting by email, please carefully follow these instructions:
  1. The certified true copy of payroll records may be submitted electronically by email in PDF format ONLY.
  2. The email submission should be sent to (construction) or (farm/forest).
  3. The email subject heading must be the business name and the first day of the payroll period. For example, "ABC Labor Contractors, Inc. - July 17, 2020"
  4. Each email submission of certified true payroll reports must include a completed wage certification statement, in PDF format, containing the certification attestation language as specifically set forth on the second page of form WH-141.
  5. An electronic signature of the licensed contractor or the contractor’s authorized representative must be included on the completed certification statement. Please be advised that electronic submissions received by the bureau at any other email address, or in any other format, other than as set forth above will not constitute compliance with the filing requirements for certified true copy of payroll records.
Please do not use the email address listed above for any communication purposes other than submitting certified true copies of payroll reports. You will receive an automatic message reply when you submit your payroll report to the electronic email address. You should contact us immediately in the event you do not receive the automatic message reply at any time you submit a payroll report.

If you have questions you can contact or call 971-353-2305.