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Occupational Definitions

Find the covered occupations (classifications) for public works projects in the State of Oregon that apply to prevailing wage.

For a complete guide on how to determine prevailing wage rates, see which prevailing rate applies to this project?.


"Trade" or "occupation" is defined in accordance with the prevailing practices of the construction industry in Oregon. While it is not possible to list all typical duties associated with each occupation, this page is intended to be a convenient reference guide to be used to classify the duties performed on public works projects.

How to use this guide

The job classifications/trades normally used in the construction industry are represented by the job classifications. Find the definition that most closely matches the actual work being performed by the worker; this will determine the occupation title/classification to be used in determining the correct prevailing wage rate to pay the worker. It is important to note that it is the work performed by the employee, not the worker’s title or qualifications, which determines the applicable classification.

Occupation classification lookup

Search or filter by keyword to find the Occupation that most closely matches the actual work being done by the worker.

A more comprehensive list of duties can be located in the "Definitions of Covered Occupations for Public Works Contracts in Oregon."

Issues and reporting errors

If you identify any error in this publication, have any questions regarding the application of the state prevailing wage rate laws, or questions about how to classify workers, please contact the Wage and Hour Division, Prevailing Wage Rate Unit at 971-673-0839.