Food Benefits

​DSNAP is designed for situations where a large number of households have disaster related expenses not considered by the regular program where the need is so great that the vastly streamlined DSNAP certification process is warranted.

All applications from Oregon Public Employees are subject to additional review.  A supervisor or member of the fraud unit will conduct the interview and the Quality Assurance manager will review the application and make the eligibility determination.

Are you a current SNAP recipient? ​​

SNAP households affected by the disaster may request replacement benefits if you are already receiving SNAP benefits and lost food purchased with SNAP benefits as a result of the fires or related power outages.

However, if you are currently receiving benefits through SNAP, and received Emergency Allotments, you are not eligible for the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Do you live with current SNAP recipients but are not receiving SNAP benefits yourself?

If you lived and ate meals together with a current SNAP recipient and were affected by the disaster and you think you meet the household eligibility requirements for Disaster SNAP, please contact your local SSP office for additional information on how to request supplemental disaster SNAP benefits.