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Welcome, Private Security Instructors!

This page is for sharing relevant information that would benefit other instructors in the industry.
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Instructor Q&A WebEx Information:
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Instructional Videos:

How do I renew my instructor certification?

An application packet for renewing an instructor certification must be completed in its entirety and must include:

  1. A completed Form PS-21;
  2. A completed Form PS-27;
  3. A Completed Form PS-8 w/ proof of continuing education;
  4. Nonrefundable renewal certification fee;
  5. A certificate of completion for the unarmed instructor online course; and
  6. Have successfully completed either of the following unarmed training requirements ast least once within three years prior to submission of an application for unarmed instructor renewal
    • Participation in the instructor demonstration component of the unarmed private security instructor development course; or
    • the unarmed private security instructor development course in its entirety.

Unarmed Instructor Online Renewal Course

iLearn Registration Instructions for Online Training

The Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) Private Security Program has introduced a new process to observe and audit the proficiency of DPSST Private Security certified instructors. This auditing process will allow Department staff to observe instructor understanding and use of instructional skills and methodology, assess training delivery, review instructor files and ensure compliance with relevant Oregon Administrative Rule.
Instructors are chosen at random for the new instructional audit process. Instructors will be asked to submit scheduled training dates for the next two months. With this information, staff will create a schedule that will allow for auditing of three to six instructors each month.

The process and scoring guide used by staff is provided below for review. If areas for instructorimprovement are identified during the audit, staff will provide teaching tips, coaching and useful resources.

Instructors will be contacted by DPSST staff if they are chosen to participate in the instructional audit process. Until then, no action is required at this time.

Scoring Sheet

Scoring Guide  ‚Äč


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