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Statutes and Rules

The Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) and the Board on Public Safety Standards and Training (Board), adopt administrative rules that set the minimum standards for employment, training, and certification of private security public safety professionals. These rules help DPSST carry out statutory requirements and act in accordance with the Agency's mission, to promote excellence in public safety.

OAR Chapter 259 Division 60 Rules

Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 259-060

ORS Chapter 181A.840 Private Security Providers

Oregon Revised Statues (ORS) 181A Private Security Service Providers

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Proposed, Temporary and Permanent Rule Changes

The following list provides the current and recent rule changes related to private security public safety professionals.  For all other rule changes and instructions on how to submit comments for a proposed rule change please visit DPSST's Statutes and Rules Page.

Chapter 259 - All DPSST Certification and Licensing Programs

​Requiring use of legal name as name of record for all DPSST certifications and licenses.


​This rule change establishes use of a person's legal name as the name of record for all Department purposes. All certifications or licenses issued by the Department will display the legal name. Requires notice to the Department when a person's name is legally changed.

​Amending: OAR 259-008-0020, 259-009-0010, 259-020-0120, 259-020-0130, 259-060-0020 & 259-061-0040

​Effective: October 1, 2020​

Division 60 - Private Security Providers

Extending COVID temporary work permit options through December 31, 2020.

This rule change extends the special COVID provisions for temporary work permits that were initially provided through a temporary rule. Under this rule change, licensed executive or supervisory managers may continue to issue COVID PS-20 temporary work permit forms until December 31, 2020, so private security professionals may work while completing training and/or fingerprinting that has been delayed by COVID-19 related issues.

Important Notes: 
The COVID PS-20 option is only available through December 31, 2020. 
The COVID PS-20 cannot be issued on or after January 1, 2021. 
The applicant must complete the training and fingerprint requirements prior to the expiration of the COVID PS -20.
Applicants will not be approved for a second COVID PS-20.

​Amending: OAR 259-060-0030

​Effective: September 15, 2020​​​

Division 60 - Private Security Providers

​Combined Filing: COVID time extensions for annual firearms requirements; and instructor applicant qualification correction.

Rule Change #1 - COVID Time Extensions for Armed Private Security Professionals and Private Security Firearms Instructors - This rule change extends the special COVID provisions for time extensions that were initially established as a temporary rule. Under this rule, DPSST may approve a time extension up to, but not exceeding, 90 days for the annual firearms requirements. The opportunity to request a time extension would apply to training and qualifications that are required by December 31, 2020. DPSST will stop approving time extensions after December 31, 2020. 

Rule Change #2 – Private Security Instructor Minimum Qualifications – This rule change corrects an error relating to the three years of experience that are required in order to be eligible to apply for initial certification as a private security instructor. During a 2019 rule change, the reference to law enforcement experience was inadvertently changed to police officer experience, which unintentionally restricted applicant eligibility for instructor certification. This rule change corrects the error.

​Amending: OAR 259-060-0120 & 259-060-0135

​Effective: September 15, 2020

Division 60 - Private Security Providers

​Establishes process for handling overpayments of private security fees for certification and licensure.


​This rule change updates DPSST's process for accepting payment of fees that include overpayment to allow for more efficient processing of applications for certifications and licenses.

​Amending: OAR 259-060-0500

​Effective: October 29, 2020​

Division 60 - Private Security Providers

​Adds a reference for Event and Entertainment Private Security Professionals, correcting a missed citation.


​This rule change adds the event and entertainment private security professional certification category to the types of private security professionals a manager may issue a temporary work permit to.

​Amending: OAR 259-060-0130

​Effective: October 29, 2020​

Division 60 - Private Security Providers

​Changes private security provider moral fitness and denial/revocation standards.


These rule changes amended the private security denial and revocation standards and processes. New rules were adopted to reorganize these amended standards and processes.​

​Amending: 259-060-0010, 259-060-0020, 259-060-0025, 259-060-0060, 259-060-0120, 259-060-0135, 259-060-0300 & 259-060-0600. Adopting: 259-060-0310, 259-060-0320, 259-060-0350, 259-060-0360, 259-060-0370 & 259-060-0380.

​Effective: January 1, 2021​

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