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Goal 9: Target Industries Approach Rulemaking

On November 3, 2023, the Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC) directed Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) staff to begin a rulemaking effort to clarify use of the "Target Industries Approach" by cities in Economic Opportunities Analyses (EOAs). Local economic development is supported by Statewide Land Use Planning Goal 9. Goal 9 and its associated administrative rules direct cities to provide an adequate supply of sites of suitable sizes, types, locations, and service levels for a variety of industrial and commercial uses consistent with comprehensive plan policies.

One method of forecasting land need through an EOA is referred to as the "Target Industries Approach." Many cities have used the Target Industries Approach to identify desirable industries and develop a site inventory and comprehensive plan policies that support attraction or retention of targeted industries. While this approach to justifying land need is well established and supported by case law, it has not been defined or codified in administrative rule. The Department seeks to clarify any potential areas of ambiguity in the application of the Target Industries Approach through rulemaking.

To prepare for an efficient rulemaking process scheduled to conclude by August 2024, the Department is opening recruitment for a rulemaking advisory committee (RAC) in advance of the January LCDC meeting, when commissioners will deliberate the draft rulemaking charge and identify perspectives and interests the RAC should represent. The RAC will advise agency staff in drafting recommended rules. Staff expect the RAC to meet four or fewer times in three-hour meetings between February and June 2024. Applications to serve on the RAC must be submitted by midnight on Tuesday, February 13, 2024.

This rulemaking is intended to be narrow and technical in scope. The RAC composition will provide the perspectives of subject matter experts and jurisdictions subject to OAR 660-009 (Economic Development) or those that could benefit from the rule. Additional interests to be represented on the RAC were identified by LCDC during its January 25-26, 2024 public meeting.

Interests to be represented on the Goal 9 RAC:

  • Economist
  • Real Estate/Consulting Firms Experienced with Economic Opportunities Analysis
  • Industrial Developer
  • Geographically diverse cities in Oregon
  • County Planner
  • Metro Regional Government
  • Economic Development Districts
  • Port Authority
  • Land Use Advocacy
  • Property Rights Advocacy
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Business Interest
  • Workforce Equity/Economic Justice
  • Low-Income Advocacy
  • Climate or Environmental Advocacy
  • Farm Bureau/Agricultural Interest

For more information on the charge to the RAC, read the department's rulemaking charge.

Apply to Serve on the Goal 9 Target Industries Approach Rulemaking Advisory Committee

Rules Advisory Committee Application

Get Involved

Community members will be able to view RAC meetings and are welcome to email comments to staff throughout the rulemaking process. LCDC will hold a public hearing when the RAC presents a recommended draft rule for consideration.

For substantive questions about the rulemaking please contact Economic Development Specialist Leigh McIlvaine at or 971-701-1041.

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Leigh McIlvaine
Economic Development Specialist
Phone: 971-701-1041

Angela Williamson
Grants and Periodic Review Specialist
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