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Oregon Natural Hazards Risk Assessment Upgrade

Beginning in March 2023, DLCD and the Oregon Department of Emergency Management (ODEM) are leading a project to upgrade the Oregon Natural Hazards Risk Assessment. The risk assessment provides the factual foundation for establishing mitigation goals and identifying and making strategic investments to reduce risks to people, property, and the natural environment from natural hazard events throughout the state.

The goals are to:

  • Develop and implement a public-facing comprehensive risk assessment tool in a geospatial environment that will respond to FEMA's new requirements for incorporating climate change, social vulnerability, lifelines, and equity;
  • Incorporate additional elements and information that enhance the tool to further Oregon's natural hazards mitigation and climate adaptation aspirations;
  • Design the tool in a way that is useful not only for the state, but also for Native American Tribes (tribes), cities, counties, special districts, and others for natural hazards mitigation planning.

Related Project: Oregon Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan (NHMP) Update

DLCD, supported by ODEM, is leading the effort to update the Oregon NHMP prior to September 24, 2025. The factual foundation provided by the Risk Assessment Upgrade project will guide development of the Oregon NHMP’s updated risk reduction strategy.

Read the 2020 Oregon NHMP

Risk Assessment Work Group

We are convening a Risk Assessment Work Group whose members will guide development of the risk assessment and provide information and expertise related to hazards and vulnerabilities. The work group will meet from March 2023 to March 2025.

Community Engagement

Community guidance is essential to create a robust, well-informed Natural Hazards Risk Assessment for Oregon. In addition to the natural hazards and climate change professionals, staff of organizations working with underrepresented communities and socially vulnerable Oregonians, and Oregon's nine federally recognized tribes have been invited to participate.

Each Risk Assessment Work Group meeting will include time for community comments. Meetings will be conducted virtually and recorded. Registration is required to receive a Zoom link.

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Meetings and Other Events

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Christine Shirley
Climate Change Resilience Coordinator
Phone: 971-239-9457

Marian Lahav, AICP
Natural Hazards Mitigation Planning Program Coordinator
Phone: 503-689-2522

Trisha Patterson
Natural Hazards Planner
Phone: 971-428-7004 

Joseph Murray
Planner, OEM
Phone: 971-719-0950