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Goal 3: Agricultural Lands

A cultivator is pulled along farmlandAgriculture has had a big influence in Oregon, as farming is what attracted many of Oregon's first settlers. Agriculture continues to be a major employer in the state. Goal 3 protects farmland for continued production of food and fiber.

Goal 3 requires counties to identify farmland, designate it as such on the comprehensive plan map, and zone it exclusive farm use (EFU). An EFU zone places restrictions on developments that are unrelated to agriculture in order to minimize uses that conflict with farming. Property owners who keep EFU land in agricultural production benefit by receiving lowered property taxes.

Goal 3 has perhaps the most involved of all land use rule divisions in the Oregon Administrative Rules. DLCD has a Farm and Forest specialist on staff who is available to answer questions about Goal 3.

Original Adoption: 12/27/74; Effective: 1/25/75
Amended: 12/16/83; Effective: 12/30/83
Amended: 2/17/88; Effective: 3/31/88
Amended: 8/7/92; Effective: 8/7/93
Amended: 2/18/94; Effective: 3/1/94

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Administrative Rules that implement Goal 3:

OAR 660-033 – Agricultural Land

OAR 660-031 – State Permit Compliance and Compatibility


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Tim Murphy
Farm and Forest Lands Specialist
Phone: 503-934-0048

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