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Goal 6: Air, Water, and Land Resources Quality

U.S. Army Environmental Command, 2008 Soil treatment plant at Camp WithycombeGoal 6 instructs local governments to consider protection of air, water and land resources from pollution and pollutants when developing comprehensive plans. The pollutants addressed in Goal 6 Include solid waste, water waste, noise and thermal pollution, air pollution, and industry-related contaminants. The goal asks cities and counties to designate areas suitable for use in controlling pollution. It calls on them to use a variety of market, zoning and management tools in creating these outcomes.

At a federal level, the elements within Goal 6 correspond broadly to the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act. At a state level, Goal 6 covers many areas regulated by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) through its permitting actions. DEQ ensures its permitting decisions comply with the plan and zoning regulations of the affected local government and coordinates with DLCD and other agencies to be sure that city and county plans comply with state and federal laws.

Original Adoption: 12/27/74; Effective: 1/25/75

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Administrative Rules that implement Goal 6:



Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
Clean Air Act (EPA)
Clean Water Act (EPA)


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