Pesticides and PARC

The Pesticide and Fertilizer Programs regulate the sale and use of pesticides and fertilizers in Oregon with the following goals:

  • Protect people and the environment from any adverse effects of pesticide use while maintaining the availability of pesticides for beneficial uses
  • Assure that effective fertilizer, agricultural mineral, agricultural amendment, and lime products are provided for agricultural and consumer uses​

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Recent pesticide advisories

The six neem oil products currently under the statewide Stop Sale, Use, or Removal Orders (SSUROs) advisories, initially announced June 20, 2019, and amended June 24, 2019, are for specific lot numbers. See the amended advisories for details. ​​

See previous pesticide advisories and newsletters. ​

New Application Exclusion Zone​ (AEZ) rule

ODA Pesticide Bulletin ​​

ODA Pesticide Bulletin — Fall Issue (2018)

In this issue: A look at the new temporary rule that prohibits use of aminocyclopyrachlor on rights-of-way; Oregon Bee Project releases a strategic plan; a reminder that pesticide products are registered annually in Oregon; how and where to dispose of unwanted pesticide products; ways to ensure recertification credits are assigned correctly; update on latest round of Japanese beetle treatment; plus, fertilizer and pesticide violation lists. Pesticide fall newsletter

ODA Pesticide Bulletin — Spring Issue (2019)

Among the stories in this issue: Steps to take to reduce the risk of drift; new license category added for School Integrated Pest Management; how to file a complaint with the Pesticide Program; labeling rules for secondary and service containers; Oregon Bee Project adds new resources; and a look back at the regulatory work of ODA's Fertilizer Program. Pesticide spring newsletter

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To report a pesticide incident that has impacted people, animals, bees, or the environment, call 503-986-6470. ​​Your phone call will be routed 24 hours a day to 211 info specialists, who will take your information. PARC staffers will contact you within one business day.​​

Pesticide Program
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Fax: 503-986-4735
Fertilizer Program
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