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Regulatory Issues

​​​School IPM licensing category

In January 2019, Oregon added a new licensing category that is tailored to the laws and pesticide uses t​hat are most relevant to pesticide applicators who do work on school campuses. For information about obtaining the school IPM license category, please see the links below.​


Children are more sensitive than adults to the potential toxic effects of pesticides. To protect our children, Oregon law requires extra precautions and restrictions when pesticides (including baits) are used on a school campus. For example, pesticides may only be applied by properly licensed applicators, and generally only “low-impact” pesticides can be used on a school campus. 

Additionally, each school's IPM coordinator is responsible for implementing IPM practices and overseeing pest management efforts. Their responsibilities related to pesticides include, but are not limited to, authorizing each application, providing written notifications, posting warning signs around treatment sites, and keeping application records.​ See the resources below for more information. 

Permanent rules related to school IPM in effect

1. School Integrated Pest Management License Category
2. Aligns Definition of School in Oregon Administrative Rule with Statute

Pesticide Advisory

8/21/18: Reminder about School Integrated Pest Management (IPM) law​​​

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Checklist for Commercial Pesticide Applicators

Information is intended for those doing contract work for schools. Oregon IPM in Schools information

Checklist for School Staff Who Apply Pesticides

Information intended for those who work at schools. Oregon IPM in schools

IPM in Schools: Frequently Asked Questions

IPM in Schools FAQ

IPM in Schools: Videos

School IPM Video Modules

License Requirements For Pesticide Application on a School Campus

School IPM law information

Low-Impact Pesticides: Guidance for Schools

Low-impact pesticides information

Oregon State University School IPM Program

School IPM information

Pesticides and the Oregon IPM in Schools Law

School IPM handout

School Integrated Pest Management Law

IPM information found in ORS 634.700-634.750

School IPM Recordkeeping Form (Option 1)

Form requires product name, EPA number, type of application, dilution, total amount, and equipment used. Guidance and form

School IPM Recordkeeping Form (Option 2)

Form requires product number, total amount used, and equipment used if different. Guidance, cheat sheet and form

School IPM: Declaring a Pest Emergency

This fact sheet covers the requirements of the school IPM law during a "Pest Emergency." School IPM: Declaring a Pest Emergency




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