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Construction Manager / General Contractor Method

What is the Construction Manager/General Contractor method? 

In the Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) method, ODOT uses a multi-discipline team. The team finds and develops solutions to help deliver the project. The team works together to control project time, cost, and quality. 
The team consists of: 
  • ODOT staff. 
  • A design consultant (or ODOT design team). 
  • A construction manager or general contractor. 

This team plans, designs, and constructs the project together. 

The CM/GC provides pre-construction services during the design phase. They act as the general contractor during the construction phase.  
ODOT may also hire an independent cost estimator.  
ODOT selects the CM/GC through a request for proposal (RFP) process. ODOT awards the CM/GC contract based on price and other best value criteria. 

Why use the CM/GC method? 

This method works best for larger, more complex projects. ODOT benefits from having an experienced contractor involved in design and constructability reviews. ODOT is then able to make informed decisions related to design approach, project costs, risk allocation, and schedule.  
The CM/GC performs: 
  • Cost estimating. 
  • Risk identification. 
  • Scheduling of long-lead fabrication items. 
  • Complex permitting actions.   
This method allows construction to begin on smaller work items before the overall design is complete. This helps projects save time. This method may also be helpful for projects with extensive third-party involvement during the design phase. 

What does a CM/GC contract involve? 

Construction Manager/General Contractor projects includes three contracts directly with ODOT: 
  • One contract with an independent cost estimator.
  • One contract with a design consultant*. 
  • One contract with a construction manager/general contractor.  
*ODOT may choose to keep the design process in-house.

What are the contracting phases of the CM/CG method? 

In this method there is an RFP phase, followed by selection of the CM/GC. After selection, the design phase begins. Pre-construction services can start during the design phase. This includes any early work packages, which may have some construction. After ODOT negotiates the guaranteed maximum price (GMP), the contractor can complete any remaining construction. This approach may decrease the project timeline.

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