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Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity

What is Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity? 

 ODOT may use the Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) method when we need to accomplish more than one project with similar scopes. The contract has a fixed time, during which the contractor completes as many projects as needed.  
Each individual project has a task order contract (TOC) that provides: 
  • Scope of work.  
  • Plans.  
  • Specifications.  
  • Location.  
  • Duration and schedule. 
  • Pay items and estimations. 
  • Other related project information.    
  • ODOT uses the TOC to determine the performance of services or delivery of supplies.  

We only use this method for construction services and supplies. ODOT awards the ID/IQ contract through either a low-bid or a best-value selection process. 

Why use ID/IQ? 

This method works best for projects with a well-defined scope but unknown supply needs or delivery dates. ID/IQ is most successful for routine projects with minimal complications. 
Examples include:   
  • Simple ADA curb ramp repair/replacement. 
  • Guardrail or barrier replacement. 
  • Simple traffic signal installation. 
  • Early utility relocations. 
  • Landscaping or plant establishment. 
  • Tree removal.  

What does an ID/IQ contract involve? 

Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity projects include two contracts directly with ODOT: 
  • One contract with a Design Consultant*. 
  • One contract with a General Contractor.  
*ODOT may choose to keep the design process in-house.

What are the contracting phases of the ID/IQ method? 

In the ID/IQ method, ODOT selects a contractor who then completes multiple construction phases for multiple projects during the contract period, rather than one single project. As a result, the ID/IQ contracting process includes many components:  
  • RFP phase to select the ID/IQ contractor. 
  • Price agreement (PA) for ID/IQ services and/or supplies (establishes unit prices for future construction work).  
  • Design packages to inform the construction work. 
  • TOCs describe the scope. 
  • Construction phase to complete the work on a given TOC.  

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