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Price Plus Multi-Parameter

What is Price Plus Multi-Parameter? 

In the Price Plus Multi-Parameter (A+C+D) method, ODOT designs the project in-house or through a consultant. ODOT awards the contract to the general contractor based on price and other factors. 
The price plus multi-parameter factors may include: 

A = Price 
B = Time 
C = Contractor's qualifications 
D = Contractor's proposed approach or means and methods   


Specifics for how these parameters will be evaluated will be included in the instruction to bidders. 
This weight and value varies from project to project. 

Why use Price Plus Multi-Parameter? 

This method works best for complex projects require unique skills or solutions. This method also encourages contractors to innovate with their methods and construction techniques.   

What does a Price Plus Multi-Parameter contract involve? 

Price Plus Multi-Parameter projects include two contracts directly with ODOT:  
  • One contract with a Design Consultant*.
  • One contract with a General Contractor.  
*ODOT may choose to keep the design process in-house. 

What are the contracting phases of Price Plus Multi-Parameter method? 

Price Plus Multi-Parameter includes a design phase, bid phase, and construction phase.  During the bid phase ODOT selects the contractor based on price, qualifications, and approach. 

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