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Digital Signatures

A digital signature is to an electronic document, as a handwritten signature is to a paper one and much more. A digital signature provides signer authentication, document authentication and efficiency.

The Oregon Department of Transportation uses an internal PKI digital signature solution as part of the three-dimensional design process. This is true for all engineering related operations. ODOT requires a digital signature to seal a digital document. ODOT stores these files in a digital file document archive.

​Instead of using pen and paper, a digital signature uses digital algorithmic keys to authenticate the identity of the signer to the document and record a binding commitment to the content of the document.

Digital signatures enable "authentication" of digital documents, assuring the recipient of a digital document of both the identity of the sender and the integrity of the document. A digital signature provides "who" signed the digital file. The time stamp of that digital signature provides the "when" then digital file was signed.

​A robust digital signature system must be capable of creating a signature that is:

  • Unique to the person using it.
  • Capable of verification.
  • Under the sole control of the person using it.
  • Linked to the document in such a way that if any part of the document is altered, the digital signature is rendered invalid.

Reduces waste and costs, and increases efficiency - Use of digital signatures can significantly reduce use of paper and increase efficiencies in project development and construction operations and, as a result, decrease administrative costs.

Supports other ODOT initiatives - It's also an integral component of ODOT's initiative to implement 3D design, electronic engineering data management and storage for collaboration and for e-Construction, falling in line with overall agency goals to increase efficiencies.

Keeps ODOT current - Digital Signature technology has evolved to be more reliable and robust over the years. By utilizing this technology, ODOT will be able to stay current with technological advancements utilized by the private sector and ODOT's partners. Laws have been revised at the federal, state and local governments to accept and incorporate digital signatures.

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