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Small City Allotment Advisory Committee - SCAC

The Small City Advisory Committee (SCAC) was established by the Department of Transportation Executive Director in consultation with the League of Oregon Cities. A small city representative within each ODOT Region sits on the committee panel. The main role of this committee is to review applications submitted under the Small City Allotment Program and make recommendations for funding to the director.

Public Testimony 

If you wish to give testimony on any related topic, including not on the agenda, please sign up on the sheets provided at the meeting. A designated public comment time takes place near the beginning of each meeting. As time allows, the Committee listens to public comment on a specific agenda item at the time it is presented. Testimony is to be limited to three (3) minutes, recognizing substance, not length, determines the value of testimony or written information.

All those interested in presenting testimony are encouraged to submit a Public Comment Request Form 24 hours in advance of the meeting or provide five (5) copies of the written summary of information to be presented. 

Public Comment may be mailed to
Oregon Small City Advisory Committee 
Attn: Investments Program Manager
Oregon Department of Transportation
555 13th St NE 
Salem, OR 97301



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