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HB 2017 Transportation Funding Package: Local Governments

Investments in Communities

With the passage of HB 2017 (2017) Transportation Funding Package, the Oregon Legislature made a significant investment in transportation, both statewide and in local communities. With those investments come transparency, accountability and performance requirements. The purpose of this web page is to help local governments meet those requirements.

Road and Bridge Condition Reporting 

All 277 cities and counties in Oregon completed their reports by February 1, 2021. We will post the updated summary report for 2021 here after the Oregon Transportation Commission reviews and approves it. The 2019 report is available below.

Agencies reported on the condition of paved, federal-aid roads and National Bridge Inventory bridges they own. A summary of the reports we received is available on the Transparency, Accountability and Performance website under City and County Pavement and Bridge Condition

The Oregon Transportation Commission approved the 2019 Oregon Transportation Infrastructure Report at its March 2019 meeting and submitted it to the Oregon Legislature.

With local governments submitting data as required by HHB 2017, we now have a comprehensive view of the condition of Oregon's roads and bridges. 

Over time, as data comes in, we hope to show how the investments made by HB 2017 Transportation Funding Package will impact the state of the system.

Transportation Project Website Reporting

The legislation requires that ODOT post links to all available county and city transportation project websites. These links are posted on the Transparency, Accountability and Performance website under Project Information.

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Other Local Government Programs and Requirements

Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund - HB 2017 establishes a new dedicated source of funding for expanding public transportation service in Oregon.

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