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Plan Implementation Partnerships

OHA.jpgODOT partners with other state and local agencies to implement statewide plans, and not just transportation agencies. ODOT works with all kinds of partners with shared interests and goals to accomplish goals of the state, statewide plans, and the goals of the partner agency. ODOT participates in others' efforts, advises, seeks advice and participation, and provides funding, research, or guidance for all kinds of planning efforts.

ODOT provides a website that hosts a variety of planning resources and links for state and local government. The current planning projects link will show you what ODOT Planning has been working on. Of course, the last stage of plan implementation is funding a project or program that makes changes on the ground for our transportation system. The ODOT Regions pages will show you what is happening in each area of the state, typically in partnership with local government agencies.

ODOT works with the Oregon Health Authority directly (see more about this partnership) and as one among several agencies to realize equity, environment, community, mobility, and access goals. Data, research, safety, and planning activities, for example, can meet both agencies' goals.

ODOT works closely with the Department of Land Conservation and Development and local land use agencies on planning and regulation related to transportation. For example, ODOT can assist by participating, funding and providing some technical information to local plans, and conducting studies and planning efforts regarding links and relationships between transportation and land use. See the TGM Program  or the Local Funding Programs link on the right for more.

One ODOT Planning study evaluates how transit and housing interact and how to improve decisions for better outcomes for all those goals. An older study sought to determine how to best evaluate all kinds of investments together under the same comprehensive criteria (see the Mosaic pages).  

Implementation takes a lot of different forms. One important way ODOT and other transportation agencies keep traffic moving and provide for multiple modes is through ITS or Intelligent Transportation Systems. These systems align and time traffic lights, pace entries to freeways via signaled on-ramps, allow buses and emergency vehicles priority at stop lights, and detect cyclists and others. Many places in Oregon have an ITS plan, in partnership with ODOT's Maintenance and Operations Division where there is a highway involved. You can see a variety of these plans on ODOT's ITS plans page. 


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