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Plan Implementation Accomplishments

This page highlights examples of ODOT activities that help implement the statewide plans, organized by plan and by theme. Each plan is unique and in a different place in its lifecycle from development to implementation to update, so the kinds of items available and reported vary.  You can also see the State of the System for recent information about the system overall. 

Accomplishments by Plan

This section shows ODOT workplans for each plan (as available), accomplishments, and related links for each plan. You can also view all the plans themselves on the Statewide Plans page. 

An updated OTP was adopted in 2023. See it on the Statewide Plans page or this page​ for all the final OTP adoption documents. ODOT is creating a new Strategic Action Plan also in 2023 and it will be the first step towards implementing the new OTP.​

This plan is managed by the Statewide Transportation Planning Unit​.

ODOT is beginning a project to update the OHP to help implement the 2023 OTP​.  See this page for more information. ​Look for a new project page to come.

This plan is managed by the Statewide Transportation Planning Unit.

​TO Plan Program, Progress, and Resources

TO Group of Oregon​

This plan is managed by the Public Transportation Division Transportation Options Program​.

The Oregon Aviation Plan is developed, maintained, and implemented by the Oregon Department of Aviation.

Aviation Plans and Programs

Aviation Performance Measures​

This plan is managed by the Oregon Department of Aviation​.

Accomplishments by Theme

This group shows plan implementation accomplishments by themes or topics the agency is working on as a whole. These are point in time snapshots of accomplishments. 

​​plan implementation - equity  infographic


sufficient funding infographic


Email Lucia Ramirez
Principal Planner
Policy, Data and Analysis Division

Email Michael Rock
Transportation Planning Unit Manager
Policy, Data and Analysis Division

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