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General Inquiries

Email Elizabeth Ledet
ODOT Transportation and Growth Management
Telephone 503-986-3205

Email Bill Holmstrom
DLCD Transportation Planning
Telephone 503-934-0040

ODOT Region Planning Contacts

Email Jon Makler
Region 1 Planning Manager
Telephone 503-731-4753

Email Terry Cole
Region 2 Planning Manager
Telephone 503-986-2674

Email Michael Baker
Region 3 Planning Manager
Telephone 541-957-3658

Email David Amiton
Region 4 Planning Manager
Telephone 541-388-6111

Email Teresa Penninger
Region 5 Planning Manager
Telephone 541-963-1344

Technical Inquiries

Email Peter Schuytema
ODOT Transportation Planning and Analysis Unit
Telephone 503-986-4110

TSP Guidelines Web Tool

Email Mary McGowan
ODOT Transportation Planning Unit
Telephone 503-986-7140

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