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Community partner information and resources

Oregon Health Plan-certified community partners

What is an OHP-certified community partner?
An individual (affiliated with a designated organization) who is trained and certified to assist clients for health coverage options, including helping those complete eligibility and enrollment forms. Their services are free to consumers.


Our community partner network 
Includes individuals affiliated with a contracted organization (e.g. community-based nonprofit and medical providers) who we train and certify to assist Oregonians with health coverage application and enrollment. Their services are free.
The network includes more than 300 organizations and almost 1,400 application assisters across Oregon.
Outreach and enrollment grant programs 
General: Funds 27 organizations to provide application and enrollment assistance for OHP and health plans through These organizations focus on supporting communities facing disproportionate barriers to health coverage.
Senate Bill (SB) 558: Funds 15 community-based organizations to provide culturally and linguistically-responsive OHP outreach, enrollment and system navigation services. These organizations focus on the SB 558 population, which includes immigrant children and teens younger than 19, who, as of January 1, 2018, are newly eligible for full OHP coverage.

Community Partner Outreach team

cpop team photo.jpg 
What We Do:
  • Develop and maintain partnerships to address barriers to health coverage access and system navigation for Oregon’s most vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations.
  • Train, certify and provide on-going support to approximately 300 organizations that employ more than 1,000 OHP-certified community partners (a.k.a. application assisters) serving every county in Oregon.
  • Serve as the bridge between the community and the state of Oregon to support OHP eligibility and enrollment system improvement.

Please email for more information about training and testing.



OHP-certified requirements guide 01-14-2020.pdfOHP-certified requirements guide

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Contact the CP Outreach team at:

For account creation or volunteer and provider agreement forms, contact:

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