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Oregon Health Authority

Rastreo de contacto

El Colaborativo de Contacto de COVID-19 en Oregon es un esfuerzo estatal por parte del Oregon Health Authority (OHA, por sus siglas en inglés), los departamentos de salud pública locales, tribales y organizaciones comunitarias para detener la propagación de COVID-19 mediante el rastreo de contacto coordinado. Trabajando juntos, podemos llegar a las personas que han estado expuestas a COVID-19 para guiarlas y apoyarlas.

Contact tracing

The Oregon COVID-19 Contact Collaborative is a statewide effort of the Oregon Health Authority, local and tribal public health authorities, and community-based organizations to stop the spread of COVID-19 through coordinated contact tracing. Working together, we provide guidance and support to people who have been exposed to COVID-19.

 Access to Healthcare

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The Oregon Health Plan provides Oregonians with access to coordinated health care. It covers things like regular check-ups, prescriptions, mental health care, addiction treatment and dental care.

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Oregon Health Plan members can apply, renew, and manage their information online with the Oregon Eligibility (ONE) system.
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