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Healthier Oregon

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Healthier Oregon: Better care for more people. Free health coverage offered by the State of Oregon

More People Are Now Eligible for Full Oregon Health Plan Benefits

As of July 1, 2022, more adults are now eligible for full Oregon Health Plan (OHP) benefits and other services and supports, regardless of their immigration status.

How Is This Possible?

House Bill (HB) 3352 put into law a program called “Cover All People.” The program is now known as “Healthier Oregon.”

Who Is Eligible?

People who live in Oregon who:

  • Meet income and other criteria,
  • Don’t qualify for full OHP benefits because of their immigration status, and
  • Are 19-25 years old or 55 years and older.

For example:

  • Before, a 22-year-old without a qualifying immigration status could only get CWM benefits (also known as emergency Medicaid).
  • As of July 1, 2022, this person is eligible for full OHP benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

​If you're not already an OHP member and would like to enroll in Healthier Oregon, you need to apply for OHP. All help is free and available in multiple languages. You can apply:

We had to limit enrollment to stay within the budget for Healthier Oregon’s first program year.  The advisory workgroup recommended the age groups to include.

If more funding comes, we will add more people.​

​No. OHP does not affect your immigration status. OHP is not considered public charge. You can learn more in this public charge fact sheet or on the Oregon Immigration Resource website

If your situation is complex or you have specific questions, please reach out to an immigration lawyer.

​Yes, if you are 19-25 or 55 and older and meet all other OHP eligibility requirements.

​​No, you will not need to wait five years before you are eligible for ​full OHP benefits through Healthier Oregon. However, you need to: 

  • Meet all other OHP eligibility requirements, and 
  • Be 19-25 or 55 and older.​

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