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The BRFSS is the largest, continuously conducted, telephone health survey in the world. It enables the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state health departments, and other health agencies to monitor modifiable risk factors for chronic diseases and other leading causes of death.

BRFSS questions and topics have changed periodically to reflect:

  1. Scientific advances which produce new guidelines for screening and treatment for various conditions or chronic diseases
  2. Emerging public health concerns
  3. Improvements in questionnaire design

Therefore, questions for some health topic areas may not have been asked in every year. Some topics are now covered on a yearly basis, whereas others are asked on a rotating basis, depending in part on how rapidly the prevalence is likely to change. Many questions were designed and tested by CDC; some are added by the state programs and were developed through other research work.


Frequently asked questions for people contacted to take part in the survey.

Survey Description

Get more information on the background and technical information regarding the BRFSS survey.

Survey Results by Year

Review Oregon survey results by year and question. These pages contain tables by age and gender; topics are in alphabetical order.

Survey Results by Topic for Each Year

Review Oregon survey results by topic and year. These pages contain tables by age and gender; topics are in alphabetical order.

Survey Results by County

Topic data tables and maps using the combined-year Oregon BRFSS county files.

Data Requests

Information on how to request BRFSS datasets

Related Publications

A listing of state-based publications using Oregon's BRFSS data; includes annual reports, fact sheets, newsletters, and other topical articles.

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