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Injury Data

Using Data for Prevention and Planning

The Public Health Division’s Injury and Violence Prevention Program examines sources of data that describe injury problems among Oregonians to identify prevention strategies, plan interventions and evaluate outcomes. We maintain an injury data information system and focus on the identification and prevention of morbidity and mortality due to injury among Oregonians.

Data Dashboards

Violent Death Data Dashboard Includes suicide-related, overdose-related and injury-related data

Opioid Data Dashboard - Includes firearm, suicide and homicide data

Sexual Violence Prevention Resource Map

Suicide Map Tool

About Injury Epidemiology

Data gathered and analyzed from injuries in Oregon is used to determine the magnitude of fatal and non-fatal injuries, monitor trends, identify priority areas, complete data requests, and guide program development and policy initiatives.

Oregon Violent Death Reporting System

The Oregon Violent Death Reporting System (ORVDRS) collects information from many data sources and compiles incident-based cases for all violent deaths in Oregon. ORVDRS generates public health information on violent deaths to inform violence prevention strategies. View the data dashboard for the most current data. 

Oregon Injury Fact Sheets

The Injury and Violence Prevention Program has a collection of fact sheets with basic definitions, data charts and tables related to injuries in Oregon.