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Seafood and Shellfish Resources

Seafood Guide

Use this Seafood Guide to make smart choices about the types of fish and shellfish you eat. This wallet-sized card can be taken to the grocery store, restaurants, and when going fishing.

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Recreational Shellfish Harvesting

Bay clams

Shellfish - including clams, mussels, oysters, scallops and crab - can sometimes become contaminated with toxins that can make you sick. Below is information about advisories and closure notices for recreational shellfish harvesters.

Shellfish Advisories

Shellfish Closures due to Biotoxins

Always check the biotoxin status of the beach where you plan to harvest shellfish. The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) jointly issue shellfish safety closures to protect recreational shellfish harvesters from consuming clams or mussels contaminated with harmful biotoxins.

Tips for Harvesting

Contaminants in Fish and Shellfish

Fishing Guide and Regulations

Information on fish and fishing regulations can be found on the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife website's Fishing Resources page.