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Vaccine Safety Resources

Vaccine Ingredients

Today’s vaccines use only the ingredients they need to be safe and effective.

Vaccine Ingredients
All vaccine ingredients serve a purpose. Find what goes into vaccines and what these ingredients do.

Components of Vaccines
View components of vaccines by vaccine type, prepared using the Physician's Desk Reference and the manufacturer's package inserts.

Vaccines go through many years of safety and effectiveness testing. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) looks at the results of these tests to decide whether to license the vaccine for use in the United States.

Learn more about vaccine safety

For Families and Individuals

Truth about Vaccines
Find vaccine Q & A flyers in many languages, as well as answers to common questions that parents have about vaccines.

Oregonians Speak
Read heartwarming and gut wrenching stories of how immunizations, or lack thereof, changed these Oregonians' lives.

Immunization Websites
Use these resources to find more science-based information that you can trust.

Reading List
Books on immunization and vaccine-preventable disease.

Parent Advocate
Attend a community education session and spread vaccine safety materials around your community and school to create awareness.

For Providers

Parent Questions
Common questions from parents and how to answer these questions.

On the Journal Shelf
Find information about immunizations and vaccines in these professional journal articles.

CDC Tools for Vaccine Conversation
Resources for helping providers have conversations around vaccine safety and efficacy.

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