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Working to reduce unintentional injuries for children

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Our goals:

  • Reduce unintentional, preventable injury and death in Oregon children
  • Review child fatality cases where child abuse or suicide is suspected
  • Identify trends, make recommendations and take action on statewide issues

Max’s Law - Youth Sports Concussion Prevention

Max’s Law (2009 SB48, ORS 336.485, OAR 581‐022‐0421) requires specific concussion management policies for student athletes within Oregon school districts. This law mandated three primary concussion management protocols:

  • Annual training for coaches in recognizing the symptoms of concussion
  • Removal of student athletes suspected of having a concussion from competition or practice, and
  • Evaluation and clearance by an eligible medical provider before returning to competition or practice.

Oregon's Child Fatality Review

Oregon's Child Fatality Review process focuses on the subset of child deaths that are "unexpected," including unintentional injuries, intentional injuries (homicide and suicide), SIDS and unexpected deaths due to natural cause.

Safe Kids Oregon

Safe Kids Oregon logoSafe Kids Oregon unites organizations including emergency and interested citizens who work together to reduce unintentional preventable injury and death in Oregon's children ages 0-19.

Child Abuse and Neglect


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