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Oregon Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program (PHBPP)

The Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program (PHBPP) works to ensure all children, especially those exposed at birth, are protected against hepatitis B virus. The Oregon Health Authority PHBPP supports local health authorities with perinatal hepatitis B prevention activities in their respective jurisdictions by providing resources and technical assistance, in addition to conducting surveillance for perinatal hepatitis B cases.

The goal of the PHBPP is to prevent perinatal transmission of hepatitis B by ensuring:

  • All women receive prenatal testing for hepatitis B infection, with every pregnancy, and all cases are reported to local public health authorities
  • Infants born to mothers with hepatitis B receive the appropriate treatment
  • Exposed infants complete post vaccination testing
  • Close contacts receive screening and vaccination
  • All medically stable infants receive the first dose of hepatitis B immunization within 24 hours of birth

The following Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) and Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) support the testing of women during every pregnancy for hepatitis B.
  • ORS 433.017 - Test of blood of pregnant woman required.
  • OAR 333-019-0036 - Said blood sample be submitted for testing of reportable infectious diseases (including hepatitis B).


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