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Air Conditioner Deployment Program

The program offers air conditioning units to Oregonians in specific priority populations, including older adults, homebound individuals and those with medical conditions exacerbated by high-heat events. This program was created following passage of Senate Bill 1536 during the 2022 legislative session. The bill allocated $5 million to purchase air conditioners for high-risk Oregonians. The law also allows the units to be installed in homes even if they’re not allowed in homeowner or renter agreements as long as they don’t pose a safety hazard.

Information for Individuals

Am I Eligible for an AC Unit?

This air conditioning program is not a general program for anyone who needs an AC unit. The supply of AC units is limited to people who are eligible to receive medical assistance through Oregon Health Authority (OHA), Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) or Medicare, or have received any of these services in the past 12 months. 

Because the funding is limited, this first round of units are for Oregonians at risk for heat-related illness, including people who:

  • Are 65 years of age or older; or
  • Are a medically fragile child; or
  • Have a disability or medical condition that makes them vulnerable to heat events, like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, obesity, or a respiratory disease; and
  • Do not have cooling devices.

How Do I Apply to Get an Air Conditioner?

There is no direct application process. OHA is working with ODHS to identify people who meet the eligibility criteria. Those with the highest needs will be contacted when an air conditioner is available.

If you receive supports from the ODHS Office of Developmental Disabilities Services (ODDS) or Office of Aging and People with Disabilities (APD), you will be notified if you are eligible, and an air conditioner is available.

OHP Members May Have Support Through Their CCO

Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members who are in enrolled in a coordinated care organization (CCO) and not getting supports from APD or ODDS can contact their CCO Client Services number to ask about getting an AC unit under flexible services. CCOs may also be prioritizing individuals and their supply may be limited.

Additional Questions?

To see more information about the program, view our Frequently Asked Questions document.

  • For complaints about the program, please email OHP.
  • For questions about the program, call OHP Client Services at 800-273-0557.

Information for Partners

Program Referral Form

Health care organizations, community based organizations, or case managers may use this form to refer community members who meet the qualifying criteria for an AC unit.

  • Completing this form does not guarantee delivery of an air conditioner.
  • OHA will prioritize available air conditioners to those with greatest need.

AC Unit Referral Form

Join the Installation Support Team

Sign up to join our statewide network of partner organizations to help eligible individuals receive and install AC units in their homes. 

AC Installation Support Team Sign-Up