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Youth Sexual Health

Adolescence is a time of tremendous opportunity and change.

Becoming a sexually healthy adult is one of the most important developmental tasks of adolescence. Healthy sexuality is to be respected, and requires a sense of responsibility to be emotionally and physically prepared and protected.

Oregon Youth Sexual Health Update

The Oregon Youth Sexual Health Plan 5-Year Update, looks at the progress Oregon has made in promoting youth sexual health just before the Youth Sexual Health Plan was released from 2008 through 2014. This report looks at the Youth Sexual Health Plan’s goals and Oregon’s progress in youth sexual health policy, partnerships, programming and outcomes made across the state.

Research Review: Sexual Health Disparities Among Disenfranchised Youth

This series of research briefs addresses sexual health disparities among seven subpopulations of youth,

Full version (pdf)

Individual Sections (pdf)

New Perspective on Youth Sexual Health

The Oregon Youth Sexual Health Plan, coordinated by the statewide Teen Pregnancy Prevention/Adolescent Sexual Health Partnership (TPP/SHP), a coalition of state, county and community advocates and non-profit organizations, is a holistic action plan to address all aspects of youth sexual health.

Built on a foundation of scientific evidence, incorporating findings of current health and youth development research, Oregon youth-lead research, and community forums with hundreds of participants, the Plan emphasizes our responsibility to provide youth with accurate information and skill-building opportunities so that they may chose behaviors that nurture healthy relationships, prevent unwanted pregnancies and decrease risk of sexually transmitted infections.

The plan provides a resource for communities to identify effective strategies, collaborate with local partners, and find the latest research and language that can be used to seek grants and other resources for new and existing programs.

Most importantly, the Plan looks at youth as a resource, not as a problem.
rational enquirerThe Rational Enquirer

An annual publication of the Oregon Teen Pregnancy Task Force

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